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The brief clip previews Showtime's miniseries - which David Lynch recently finished shooting - and features several of the original actors revealing when they first heard the 90s cult hit was to return.The majority of the show's original cast will be joined by an array of high-profile talent including regular Lynch collaborator Laura Dern, Michael Cera, Naomi Watts and Amanda Seyfried. Robert "Bobby" Briggs was the boyfriend of Laura Palmer, and therefore he was one of the initial suspects in her murder.His father was Major Garland Briggs, a member of the United States Air Force, with whom he had an uneasy relationship.Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) and Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs) joined us at the 2014 Twin Peaks UK Festival - hear what they had to say about their time on the . The Twin Peaks UK Festival is a celebration of David Lynch and Mark Frosts iconic TV show Twin Peaks.Twin Peaks UK Festival - Sheryl Lee vesves Dana Ashbrook Qvesves A Session - 15/11/14 at The Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel. The festival consists of screenings, performances, .

TELEVISION SERIES DESCRIPTION: The continuation 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town, are stunned when their homecoming queen is murdered. Cast: Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Sheryl Lee, Kyle Mac Lachlan, Everett Mc Gill, Kimmy Robertson, Russ Tamblyn, Ray Wise, & Grace Zabriskie.

He eventually found her killer thanks in part to some supernatural dream-visions, but soon fell in too deep and got stuck in the evil that resides in the town, as the series ended with Cooper stuck in the demonic “Black Lodge” realm.

As played by fan-favorite Sherilyn Fenn, the whip-smart, curious teen Audrey — daughter of the richest man in Twin Peaks — helped Cooper in his investigation into her classmate’s death, eventually developing legitimate feelings for him (and going undercover as a prostitute, which led to her briefly being kidnapped by some of her father’s enemies) along the way.

David Lynch talks with Mädchen Amick , Kyle Mac Lachlan and John Wentworth on Twin Peaks memories. Features interviews with: Kyle Mac Lachlan, Mädchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn, Dana Ashbrook, Gary Hershberger, James .

Kyle Mac Lachlan, Sheryl Lee, Madchen Amick and more reveal the lengths Lynch took on set to keep everyones lips sealed about their characters. Twin Peaks - David Lynch, Laura Dern, Kyle Maclachlan - Variety Cover Shoot Tags: Twin Peaks (TV Program), Sheryl Lee (Film Actor), Dana Ashbrook, David Lynch (Film Director), Festival (Type Conference), Film (Media Genre), Eraserhead (Film), Mulholland, Drive, (Award-Winning, Work) DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK! Sheryl Lee and Dana Ashbrook was genuinely so sweet and wonderful peeps.