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Invalidating an epc

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UTILITY MODEL THIRD-PARTY OBSERVATION PROCEDUREThe third party observation system for utility models under DL #551 in Turkey is a hybrid application of Art. 115 EPC in the absence of an examination or opposition authority. DISPUTES IN COURT PROCEEDINGS OTHER THAN SUBSTANTIAL PATENT LAW DISPUTESDisputes in court proceedings other than patent law disputes entail entitlement to court proceedings, late submission of facts, evidence and arguments, unsubstantiated grounds, organic relation between a concerned party and another party of parallel court proceedings being already terminated, experimental use exemption to patent infringement and continuing insolvency proceedings with simultaneous patent law disputes.

It has similarities to third party observations filed under Art. A third party can base his observations on conventional grounds similar to those under Art. Legal bases for invalidating a utility model right in Turkey are given under Art. These secondary issues can unexpectedly influence the course of the legal procedure in many cases.

In the scientific world, authors of journal articles are typically those persons involved in designing or performing the experiments or in writing the resulting manuscripts.

In addition, authorship is sometimes granted for the recognition of hard work or even for financial support.

) but also concerning the liberties which the Court takes with the grounds of invalidity of European patents and European patents French designations. This second patent, entitled “”, was granted on 11 April 2007.

The American company Eli Lilly is the holder of two European patents, EP 0 584 952 and EP 1 438 957, relating to the use of the raloxifene molecule for preventing osteoporosis. This patent entitled “” relates to the use of a compound family, including raloxifene, in the preparation of a drug for use in the treatment or prevention of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. The application for patent EP 957 was filed as a divisional application derived from the previous patent application, also on 26 July 1996, claiming the same U. Raloxifene is marketed in France under the proprietary drug denomination Optruma® by Eli Lilly and under the proprietary drug denomination Evista® by Daiichi Sankyo.

An appeal was lodged against this decision and is pending before the Technical Board of Appeal.

As Teva’s generic drug had been marketed in France as of 15 March 2011, Eli Lilly lodged a counterclaim for infringement of its patents by Teva before the of Paris, which was already ruling on Teva’s patent invalidity action.

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PTAB is a lot more efficient at invalidating software patents at a high pace and affordable prices (access to justice, without necessitating litigation).

Daiichi Sankyo Europe Gmb H, Daiichi Sankyo France and Pierre Fabre Médicaments voluntary intervened in the action in order to claim compensation for the damage they themselves suffered due to the alleged acts of infringement committed by Teva.

In its 20 March 2012 decision, the of Paris finally held that the French designations of the two European patents at issue were invalid.

PATENT AND UTILITY MODEL NULLITY CASESLegal bases for patent and utility model nullity cases are defined under Art.

129 and 165 in the Decree Law #551 pertaining to the protection of patent rights in Turkey. 129 DL #551 includes a passage in identical context with the provision of Art.