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Carbon dating proving evolution

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We would not normally consider it necessary to explain how a theory works that we don’t even believe in.

However, there are a lot of misunderstandings about the Big Bang theory.

However, I have only done so in the same way as a secular High School textbook writer might do. It was Hoyle who originally coined the term Big Bang, in a radio broadcast in 1949.

The originators—George Lemaitre, a Belgium, struck on the basic idea in 1927; and George Gamow, R. He intended the term to be an insult, but it is now widely used by supporters of the theory.

Although this sounds promising, it is clear that Comfort has no intention of opening his mind.

As shown in a debate with the Rational Response Squad, Comfort and Kirk Cameron have already failed to prove the existence of God scientifically, and they knew that they had no case going in.

It is not hard to imagine why atheists might dislike Ray Comfort - he calls them fools, intellectually bankrupt, and wicked.

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A better strategy, Wilf said, would be to use a "spy." After each guess, the spy could tell the hacker which, if any, of the 12 letters were correct.

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Besides, his promise is empty since if Christianity is right, God, not the individual, decides who goes to heaven.

And the other side, that atheists "must give up going to Hell", sounds like a veiled requirement to convert to Ray's brand of Christianity.