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Bluescreen while updating itunes parents with kids dating

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There’s a theory that the i Phone 5S is afflicted because it has a 64-bit processor trying to run 32-bit software (it’s the first 64-bit phone).Developers are already updating apps to work with the new processor more fluidly and Apple will likely release an update to fix it at some point, but in the meantime there’s no solution, only workarounds that have worked for some people.This article is part of a continuing series on Blue Screen of Death errors.A Blue Screen of Death (BSo D) is the error screen you see when Windows has a major issue.

If you do not, then the issue is with the replacement screen.

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Some people have run into a dreaded blue screen of death bug which seems to be related to specific apps.

This one may appear under another error name, but with a code of 0x10d.

WDF_VIOLATION was very rare before Windows 8, but has cropped up a bunch since people have begun installing it.