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An altar beyond olympus for a deity predating zeus

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He was god of the broad light of day, as his name implies, and had control of all the phenomena of the heavens, wherefore the sudden changes of weather, the gathering of clouds, and more than all, the burst of a thunder-storm made his presence felt as a supernatural being interested in the affairs of mankind.Hence such titles as “cloud-gatherer,” “god of the murky cloud,” “,” and “mighty thunderer,” were those by which he was most frequently invoked.Although Hesiod spoke of "races", posterity introduced the notion of "ages" and reduced their number to four, excluding the Heroic age (2). A breed of mortal men with certain characteristics.If we except the Orphic doctrines, there are only two complete versions of the myth of the races or ages—that of Hesiod (ca. If a certain race coincides with a certain age, both arising and ending simultaneously, then it could be indifferent whether we talk of "race" or "age".We know less about Polyxenos, but here too we have evidence for his cult in symbiosis with the cult of Demeter; keeping in mind the theme of god-hero antagonism, I note that ‘he who has many guests’ is a conventional epithet of Hadês.As for Eumolpos ‘he who sings and dances well’, he is the hero-ancestor of the ultimately dominant priestly family at the cult-center of Eleusis; he represents the most current tradition in Eleusis itself. Note the diametrical oppositions between Demeter and the girls, both in movement and in appearance. Kratos, now the new God of War, leads his Spartans in a bloody conquest of Greece, heedless of the mutterings of other gods who think he's out of control.

Zeus was born when the earth and the heavens were almost complete.

In the Theogony then, Hesiod counts three rulers of the world: Uranus, Cronos, and Zeus.

When in Works and Days the same author narrates the myth of the races, he counts five races of mortal men.

The husbands are in the foreground, but the wives in the background are the ones who manage the palace.

The kings are all special cult-heroes connected with the worship of Demeter.