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And will your "big ideas" cancel out plans for other home remodeling projects?Remember, a stellar bathroom truly is a luxury island if set within a home in disrepair.However, during this time in history the desire to "get rich" was very much valued, perhaps more so than in other times (at least in the U. Some homes also were designed with a porch known as a "breezeway" (porches that are covered by roofing and designed with window or screens).These breezeways often were enclosed and an additional outside door would lead to the outside of the home-often to the front of the home but sometimes to the rear of the home.Additionally, people who want to socialize would purchase a home (or have one built) that included a concrete patio, deck, or in-ground swimming pool.The Rooms of a 1980s Home In all there were typically two to three bedrooms in each home built during this decade.The appealing design made the house SELL for well over any comparable property.

Of course, the 1980s was not the only decade during which people lived in modern-equipped homes with manicured lawns. Key Features of New and Nearly-New 1980s Homes A large number of the new and nearly-new homes that were purchased in this decade included at least one fireplace, as well as a dining room, two-stall garage, landscaped yard, and turnaround driveway.The other day I was looking at a photo of an interior and immediately said to Irene, “That was installed in the mid-90’s.” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I scrolled down and read that it had been installed in 1995. How can you look at almost any room and know when it was decorated or renovated?Welcome to Retro Renovation® — your daily dose of mid century and vintage renovation resources… Our focus here, first and foremost, is to help you find the products and resources you need to help remodel, renovate and decorate your house in authentic mid century style.It’s your house after all.” via I left and less than a week later, she emailed me and said, “I’m doing a white kitchen.” And when her renovation was all done she emailed me photos and said, “I’m so glad I hired you to help me!I absolutely LOVE my new white kitchen.” Was she happy because I talked her into a white kitchen? But I think she was really happy because I could help her see how the finishes she was admiring online would look in home, with her unique set of considerations.We kept the original bungalow complete with its sweet front porch detailing, dark wood interior trim, original brick flue (uncovered during demolition), and archway.