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Family violence is when someone uses abusive behaviour to control and/or harm a member of their family, or someone with whom they have an intimate relationship.

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Performing for visitors and locals at a small theatre at the hotel, the Bermuda Repertory Theatre was for several years a magnet for young, up-and-coming American and Canadian actors. Plummer performed in half-a-dozen plays during his time in Bermuda, playing Old Mahon, The Playboy of the Western World, Anthony Cavendish in The Royal Family, Bermuda Repertory Theatre, Ben in The Little Foxes, Duke Manti in The Petrified Forest, Father in George and Margaret, Hector Benbow in Thark and Bernard Kersal in The Constant Wife. They were led by Canadian-born Edna Watson who in 1948 had become, with Hilda Aitkin, had become the first women in Bermuda's Parliament.His success in Bermuda caught the attention of a US producer which led to Mr. Initially, they were appalled by conditions at the Packwood Old Folks Home. A dramatic rescue operation was mounted from Kindley AFB Bermuda to save the passengers of the stricken Cubana Airlines - Compaa Cubana de Aviacin be problematic, mess you about lots vomit - be sick - throw up Aussie outside rotary clothes line drink alcohol done deal, a certain winner farmhouse exclamation of surprise hooligan goodbye, see you later. A great thing bush dwelling of cheap construction Airconditioned house ice fruit flavoured lollypop television set in serious trouble I am sure of it teeth get rid of something trainee male Cattle Station hand Male Genitals - from Jatz crackers in a short time female station hand exclamation of surprise snake average person just about anyone - will tell you baby kangaroo journalist sheep laughing gear Lend of (have a) Lippy, lippie Little ripper Lizard drinking (flat out like a) Loaf Lob, lob in Lollies Lollywater Long as a month of Sundays Long paddock Longneck Loo Lucky country Lurk (on a good) swagman's bedding methylated spirit person from south of the border, usually from NSW a frivolous person mid sized glass of beer - 285 ml or 10NSW Corner takeaway shop milkman group of kangaroos or people a despicable person. mosquito mud crab the bush gone to the bush is that the truth?someone who is hopeless head, brains a fool stupid, not all there something stinky All will be alright, I'll do it in the nude Aussie, uncouth assistant, partner, wife mother the elderly, parents hiding yourself, staying quiet very cheap alcoh ol - usually wine cattle rustler politician gambling machines, one-arm bandits Prisoner Of (her) Majesty's Empire, English person using deodorant instead of taking a shower bag - usually in Queensland postman, mail delivery person 285 ml glass of beer (VIC & QLD) position, location shrimp warn an unrealistic deceptive person present, gifts hotel, tavern take day off work with pay undershirt, vest Australian or kangaroo to brag about yourself.This will be a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary event, showcasing leading European addiction research in the specialist areas of illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and other addictive behaviours.

Various satellite meetings will take place on 21–22 September (details can be found here).

Concrete Finisher , Immediate Start , Darwin Based Your new company This local market leading contractor are currently seeking Concrete Finishers for an immediate start.

What you'll need to succeed You must have extensive experience as a Concrete Finisher, have your own tools and reliable transport.

Things you should know Applications are subject to credit approval. As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances before acting on this advice.

Full terms and conditions will be included in our loan offer.